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Microsoft Project Training

Microsoft Project is a Project Management tool which aides a Project Manager in Planning, Organizing, Managing activities and resources to accomplish a defined objective within limitations of Schedule, Cost and Resources. It is especially designed to enhance the ability to schedule, collaborate with resources, track progress and communicate project status to the concerned stakeholders.

The Project Managers must know exactly what their teams are working on, how long each activity is going to take, by when are they expected to be completed and details regarding different resources being allocated to various activities. Additionally, they are required to calculate the impact of changes on current production. This is where Microsoft Project can help Project Managers by making the data collection easier to publish. This can also be successfully used for coordinating a variety of specific tasks. In a nut shell, Microsoft Project helps Managers put together a plan of action, fill in and organize all the details that must be completed in order to achieve their goal.

Note:The PDUs issued upon course completion can also be used as a part of PMP re-certification cycle.

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MSP Training Program3rd Oct 2019

4 Days


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To make professional to understand and use Microsoft Project effectively. The course is designed to enhance the ability of Project Managers in Planning, Organizing, Managing activities and resources to accomplish a defined objective within limitations of Schedule, Cost and Resources.

1- Small class sizes (never more than 6 students)

2- On Demand, Live Online and In-Person training available

3- Customized training sessions (online or in our offices) available every month

4- Highly experienced instructors

5- Free follow-up support for 90 days and discounts for additional training

6- Private group training available anywhere in the world

In addition to the above, you will be issued with 16 PDUs upon completion of this 4-day training program. These PDUs can be used for PMP re-certification as well.

1- Learn To develop, monitor and control schedule.

2- Learn to define resource pool and to allocate resources.

3- Learn to apply resources to each activity.

4- Learn to manage critical path.

5- Learn to create Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

6- Learn to update WBS.

7- Learn to add activities, create and modify calendars.

8- Learn to sequence activities and estimate durations.

9- Learn to apply filters and uses of grouping.

10- Learn to allocate material resources.

11- Learn resource leveling, crashing.

12- Learn to manage Project constraints.

13- Learn to estimate costs.

14- Learn to manage and control costs.

15- Learn earned value analysis.

16- Learn to create project reports.