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Self-paced and online e-learning training programs which provide interactive learning experience for Individuals and Corporate, focusing on the needs and targeted objectives, incorporating examples from the relevant industry.

Online Self Paced

Array of Management Training Programs

Globally-recognized training and certification programs, with hundreds of companies and thousands of professionals trained and certified globally. We provide training and certification courses across wide range of categories such as IT Service Management, Project Management, Quality Management, Agile and Scrum that addresses the immediate and future needs of business evolution and technological relevance.

Bootcamp Corporate

In-house Corporate Training

Solus Informatics/PMP Kuwait is a trusted training partner for leading global organizations. Our training methodology coupled with high quality training delivery has enabled organizations to achieve high-impact learning that resulted in increased knowledge, competence, and performance.

With our in-house corporate training, we uniquely combine project management expertise and intelligent business solutions to enable your entire team to win in this competitive environment. Our world-class instructors will help you improve your productivity, communication, execution, risk management and the overall team performance. Our in-house training solutions allow you to choose any classroom course of your choice to be delivered to at any venue of your choice – offering you the ultimate in convenience and value for money.

Our public training workshops are based on industry demand and are structured to suit the typical learning needs across companies and geographical locations. With our standardized model of training, you can avail the same quality of training for your employees in various locations across the globe.

Running courses on-site saves you money by training multiple employees at once and reducing the travel and accommodation expenses associated with public courses.

Benefits of In-House training

1- Group Discounts: Avail group discounts based on the number of participants getting enrolled (Min. of 15 student will result in lower per-student enrollment fees).

2- Tailored Schedule: Selecting your own timeframe allows you to tailor the training schedule to suit your company’s needs.

3- Team Building: Training together as a team helps build team identity and enhances buy-in amongst team members.

4- Focused Training: Taking the PMP course at your location, with your team members, offers the opportunity to relate the key principles to your particular business.

5- Convenience: Conducting the training at your location minimizes business interruption and adds a more familiar and comfortable learning environment.

6- Eliminate Travel Costs: Attending a training at an off-site location adds needless costs, such as airfare, travel-premium, hotel, rental car, etc. By hosting the training at your location, unnecessary additional costs are eliminated.

Accreditation for your employees, increasing your organizational credibility.

Why Choose Us?

1- Over a decade of experience in the Project Management space
2- Over 1000 organizations served
3- Expert instructors, all PMP qualified and real-world experience
4- 100% pass rate for PMP certification